About Mountain School

We encourage children to develop, achieve and celebrate their academic goals with the support and guidance of teachers and parents thus creating a community that nurtures the child’s individuality and instills social responsibility.

What makes Mountain School special?

  • Caring, cohesive environment that has the best interests of students and staff at heart
  • Low student to adult ratio
  • Highly qualified educators
  • Rigorous learning environment with high academic expectations
  • Curriculum that provides appropriate challenge and meaningful learning experiences
  • Weekly classes in Art, Music, PE, and Spanish
  • Community engagement in our school, neighborhood, Flagstaff and beyond
  • Strong parent volunteer program with many opportunities for family engagement
  • An established and respected school serving the Flagstaff community since 1980


As a high performing school, we strive for a rigorous curriculum across all subjects that provides children with numerous opportunities to think critically and solve problems in a nurturing environment that allows mistakes to be part of the learning process.

Experiential Learning

Through field trips, guest speakers, community partnerships and project-based learning, we are committed to encouraging children to make connections with the world in meaningful ways.


Students participate daily in special classes such as Art, Music, PE, Mastermind, and Spanish, as well as classroom enrichment experiences that provide opportunities to be creative, reflective, and explore a wide range of topics more deeply.

Whole Child

We strive to build a nurturing environment where citizenship, character, sustainability and service are prioritized. Our ROARS values: Respect, Optimism, Achievement, Responsibility and Safety are the foundation for our caring school community.

Our History

Founded by Renee Fauset in 1980, Mountain School was created as an alternative for students and families who desired a different learning experience. Parents and teachers collaborated to provide opportunities designed with active learning as the core of the curriculum. Through consistent parent support the volunteer model at Mountain School was developed. The school was chartered in 1996, and in 2002 realized a long time goal, and moved out of rental facilities into its very own building in Ponderosa Trails. In its 4th decade, the school has grown from a small private setting with 19 students to a thriving charter school with 200 students in Kindergarten-5th grade. We continue to have parents as an integral part of our programs and school community.  

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