Our Program

A Mountain School student “R.O.A.R.S.” with our core values of Respect, Optimism, Achievement, Responsibility and Safety! Kids will have weekly special classes that include Art, Music, Spanish, PE, and STEAM is offered every other week. Building a strong foundation in Reading, Writing, Math, Science and Social Studies is accomplished through a well-rounded, academic curriculum that provides opportunities for critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. Our highly qualified teachers and experienced staff collaborate to create experiences that integrate learning in and around our community and beyond, with an emphasis on the outdoors. Mountain School helps to grow children that are confident, caring, creative and committed to sustainability and service.


As a high performing school, we strive for a rigorous curriculum across all subjects that provides children with numerous opportunities to think critically and solve problems in a nurturing environment that allows mistakes to be part of the learning process.

Experiential Learning

Through field trips, guest speakers, community partnerships and project-based learning, we are committed to encouraging children to make connections with the world in meaningful ways.


Students participate daily in special classes such as Art, Music, PE, STEAM, and Spanish, as well as classroom enrichment experiences that provide opportunities to be creative, reflective, and explore a wide range of topics more deeply.

Whole Child

We strive to build a nurturing environment where citizenship, character, sustainability and service are prioritized. Our ROARS values: Respect, Optimism, Achievement, Responsibility and Safety are the foundation for our caring school community.


Our curriculum is based on the K-5 Arizona College and Career Readiness Standards. We choose and create our curriculum with the whole child in mind.  Our goal is to foster an independent spirit and innate love of learning through a rigorous and engaging curriculum. Childhood is a time of exploration, and we celebrate the important work of making connections from school to the world beyond, learning about ourselves and others, and gaining independence and mastery with meaningful practice.

Building STEAM

We’re Building STEAM . . . Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math, through a Culture that Values Collaboration, Responsibility, Leadership, and Strong Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Skills!

Before & After Care

We’re proud to offer before and after school care to assist in the childcare needs of parents.

Clubs & Extracurricular

Mountain School teachers love clubs! Each semester different after school clubs are offered.

Join the Mountain family!